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03 August 2015

Back in Black

palace 2

Photos by Christiana Charalambous

It's been about a year since my last post and I'm so excited to finally be back on my blog! This last year has been nothing short of life changing--literally.  I graduated college and shortly after I packed up my things and embarked on a solo-one-way road trip from little Eugene, Oregon straight to San Francisco, California.  I've been living and working in SF for the past six months and grown up life has been pretty great thus far.  I'm finally settled into my life enough to start sharing it again.

This may sound trivial, but as far as changes go my wardrobe has definitely been one of the aspects of my life to experience the most growth.  Not necessarily in terms of size, but in terms of maturity.  Inherent to working life, it has grown much more professional and much much blacker.

Below is a casual weekend look while I'm casually posing and prancing around the Palace of Fine Arts.

Palace 1PFA16This vintage-looking Marc Jacobs purse is so versatile.  You know those purses that look like they can barely even hold your phone and then end up being able to hold everything you would ever need for a night out and then some? That's this purse. secondI'm not much of a hat girl because I can't keep track of more than one accessory and for obvious reasons, I usually prioritize purses, however this felt hat from Urban Outfitters is durable enough to be crammed into a suitcase, left on the grass, or thrown into the back of my closet.  All of which this trusty hat has endured.

PFA3So this coat is probably my favorite purchase that I've made thus far in 2015.  I am very sad to say that I had never stepped foot inside Club Monaco prior to two weeks ago and I was so pleasantly shocked by their merchandise.  It was classy and well made and I could have spent my entire years pay there.  For work wear as well as day-to-day attire I would highly suggest it!PFA4new2

And then there are the Rag and Bone Newbury booties.  I know these are old news, but I've been coveting these boots for what seems like many many years so I finally caved this Christmas and had to get them.  And honestly, I wear them 5-6 days a week and will never go back.  Plus I'm pretty positive that I can get them resoled so I'll have them forever, but now I'm just trying to justify this ridiculous splurge.

Dress: by Wilfred from Aritzia  Coat: Club Monaco Hat: Urban Outfitters Purse: Marc Jacobs Shoes: Rag and Bone Sunglasses: Le Specs Photos by Christiana Charalambous More to come soon! Love Jackie

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