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19 August 2015

Rock Box

Rocks Box is a new jewelry subscription company based in San Francisco.  Usually companies offering subscription based fashion services are horrible because they try to send you new things every week and it gets so overwhelming.  It's like, do I really want to pay $20 a month to get a bunch of extra junk that I don't need? Absolutely not.  But Rocks Box is more of a "try this for a month and see if you like it, at the end if you decide you like it then keep it, if not just send it back" sort of service which relieves A LOT of pressure.
I do the majority of my shopping online and in doing so I have so much anxiety about buying jewelry online. It's in part because I don't really know what I need and partially because I never know how much I am really going to wear something so committing to an expensive necklace or ring stresses me out.  So Rocks Box is pretty perfect for me because I don't have to commit to anything and if I hate something I just send it back, if I'm iffy about a piece I'll wear it and see how I like it, and when I do decide to buy something I know that I'm going to like it.
I also don't have to spend time picking and choosing what I want.  I made a wish list with brands and styles that I liked and they picked the pieces out for me based on my wish list and surprised me! It made the whole process a little bit more fun and a lot more exciting.  Kind of like when you order something online and then you forget about it and a couple days later you find a surprise package in front of your door (does this happen to anyone else??).  Also the package comes in a super cute box and has a little pamphlet inside with your name on it.
My favorite jewelry designer is Gorjana.  If you haven't heard of this brand definitely check it out! Their pieces are simple, elegant, and gold..Just how I like my jewelry.  And most importantly itis at a really good price point (generally between $60-$85).  Rocks Box picked out these two beautiful Gorjana pieces for me and I love them.  I will definitely be getting this necklace because I have a thing for necklaces.
If you want to try Rocks Box to see if you like it use the code jackiemaexoxo to get your first month free! Pretty awesome deal if you ask me.  Link to sign up here:

If you decide to try Rocks Box tag me on instagram or comment here with what you got! I want to see what pieces of jewelry other people are getting!
Necklace: Gorjana (similar Here)

Love,  Jackie

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