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08 September 2015

Hawaii Vacay

I just spent the long weekend in Hawaii with my entire immediate family.  I say entire because there are quite a few of us, eight to be exact, and it isn't often that our parents can get all of us together in one place.  My siblings and I are scattered all over the west coast so the quick flight over to Honolulu was the perfect get-a-way. 

I have been sun deprived all summer due to the mild and perpetually "partly cloudy" climate of San Francisco so a few days in the sun was exactly what I needed before heading back to work (I just got a new job, more on that later).

Of course, I did a good amount of shopping prior to our trip and I found that it was unusually difficult for me to find a swimsuit that I was willing to commit to.  I have commitment issues in general when it comes to purchasing clothing, especially when it's for a specific trip or event, but picking a swimsuit for this trip was impossible for me, which is probably because bathing suits have become so expensive! Since when is it acceptable to charge $300 for two small pieces of fabric??  With this in mind, I tried to find a few basic pieces that I would be able to wear season after season.  My favorite places for to shop for swimwear/resort wear are Revolve Clothing, ShopBop, and Reformation.

My two major swimsuit purchases were a white scalloped bikini from Marysia Swim and the popular colorful crochet bikini from Kiini Swim. The Marysia swimsuit fit the best and is definitely my favorite swimsuit now, plus there's something about white swimsuits that just gets me. For sizing I ended up getting a small top and a medium bottom- the only thing that I'm a little disappointed with is that the edges of the swimsuit are starting to snag a little after wearing it only a few times, but oh well.

I was incredibly excited to get the Kiini swimsuit and I was not disappointed. The swimsuit is surprisingly flattering BUT watch out on the sizing because it runs very very small.  I got myself a medium and my friend has a large and it still looks pretty tiny on both of us, other than the sizing the suit is perfect! The rest of the swimsuits/clothes that I wore I stole from my sister so I don't have the details but I will try to find out from her.

See below for the links to my clothes and more pictures from my trip!  

See below for the links to what I wore as well as some other cute swimsuits:

Love, Jackie

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