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27 October 2015

Black 70's Chic

Photos by Joe Liu 

This season I can't get enough of turtle necks and mini skirts.  I'm usually not one to succumb to trendy pieces but I've completely fallen victim to the 1970's retro glam that's taken over this Fall.
This suede skirt from Zara is one of my favorite things that I've bought recently. So far I have loved pairing it with an oversized sweater and knee high boots or, on the more casual side, a crop top and converse.

Zara has really outdone themselves recently. My entire outfit, other than my top, is from Zara and this has been a constant theme in my life of late.  I mentioned in an earlier post how much I love these heeled booties; they are my number one Fall staple right now. 

I have been searching everywhere for the perfect fitted turtleneck and have yet to find one (that isn't a body suit).  This top is actually a dress from Reformation that tucked into my skirt and I wore as a top which is the perfect trick to get the most out of any given silhouette. This burnt orange suede satchel paired with my all black outfit offers a perfect pop of color and texture.  

What I Wore:

Love, Jackie 

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