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20 November 2015

Day Trip to Point Reyes

Last weekend I dragged my boyfriend to Point Reyes with me, in the end he loved it but convincing him that eating oysters and drinking champagne on the water with me would be much more fun than going to watch the Oregon vs. Stanford game was not an easy task.  

We had never been to Point Reyes before but we have heard so much about the infamous Original Hog Island Oyster Company so it has been on our to-do list forever.  We rented a car and left the city early and got to Hog Island right after it opened at about 11am.  We had no idea what to expect and as we walked down the path to the picnic area we both looked at each other and knew that this was going to be our new spot. As you can see above the oyster bar sits quaintly on a little inlet in Tomales Bay.  There are two levels, the upper is a restaurant area which doesn't take reservations.  There is a bar which serves fresh oysters on the half shell as well as barbecued oysters, salad, cheese/charcuterie plates, champagne, beer, wine...basically anything you would want.  The lower level sits right on the water and full of large picnic tables which are reserved roughly four months in advance. Parties are welcome up to 10 people per reservations and you're welcome to bring your own food and alcohol and buy fresh oysters from Hog Island to shuck or bbq yourself. 
After we had finished at Hog Island, 3 hours and too many oysters later, we drove around and eventually found this beautiful park which was basically a beach on the water.  Of course we had brought our own wine for back-up so we popped it open and laid in the sun while we had a few more drinks before chugging some water and heading home.  
Here you can see the do-it-yourself area, fully equipped with bbqs and picnic tables. 
If you don't know about Aritzia's blanket scarves by now you need to go check them out immediately. They are the best thing to wear in fickle weather because they can double as a scarf and a poncho/shawl.  

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