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09 November 2015

Lady Like

Photos by Matt McMonagle

I think I actually squealed the first time I saw these shoes, for those of you who know me, you know the squeal I'm talking about. Everyone in the fashion world is wearing the Chanel sling-backs, which are a similar style to these, but when I found these on Zara (of course) I fell in love with the burgundy color and knew they would be a perfect alternative.  The velvet fabric paired with bow-like detailing on the top creates a beautiful and versatile style. Because these shoes are so girly I like to pair them with pieces that are more casual and boyish.  This oversized sweater is from Zara as well and it is amazing! I have a difficult time finding the perfect sweater for myself, I am ALWAYS so cold so I need the fabric to be extremely warm and good quality.  I've been wearing this non-stop since I got it-it's a perfect basic. 
This coat is from Zara also! I got it 2-3 years ago and I'm so happy that I'm still wearing it! The pink color is surprisingly easy to wear and works in both the spring and the fall. 

These shoes kind of look like grandma shoes in a way, don't they? But I love that, whenever I find myself dressing like a classy grandma I know I've done something right.  

My bag is Rebecca Minkoff from a few years ago as well.  I love the structured look of it as well as the clasp detailing.

What I Wore:

Love, Jackie 

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