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18 December 2015

Laced Up

Photos by Haley Jacobson

Give me a good pair of jeans and some black booties and I can begin to conquer the insanity that is my closet. This combination is my standard uniform in the winter and, while I love that I have a go-to outfit, it can get very old at times.  I try to invest in casual shirts and blouses that are unique enough to make my mundane staples look new and refreshing.  Skinny jeans and booties will be in style forever, but it's the details and the accessories, like this lace-up shirt from Urban Outfitters that make old outfits look new! 

In other news I'm headed to Seattle today for the holidays and I'm beyond excited to see my family, friends and breathe in a little bit of that clean Northwest air.  I'll be documenting my trip and all of the winter essentials that I'm bringing home with me, stay tuned for more!

I first saw this lace-up top trend at Reformation last year and ever since it has grown into an industry-wide staple.  This top is from Urban Outfitters and, after searching for a few months, I finally decided on this one because it isn't as low-cut as some of the other ones out there.  I also feel like this style is very fleeting so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that won't be in style for much longer so this was the perfect option for me! 

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