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29 January 2016

Addicted to Black

I am always surprised by how a hat can change the entire feel of an outfit.  This hat by Brixton hasn't left my head since my sister gave it to me after admitting that she has never worn it and has no intention of doing so. My hat collection has been slowly but surely growing over the past few months, I have been opting for flat brimmed hats, like this one, as well as shorter brimmed fedoras.  I plan to start stocking up on more felt textured hats in lighter, neutral colors as well as some straw flat billed hats for spring and summer. 

My handbag is Alexander Wang and it is incredible.  I have developed a newfound appreciation for structured handbags and the angles of this purse are absolutely beautiful. There is an certain elegance to the intentionality of the construction. 

This suede button down skirt is from Zara and it has been a staple for me this winter and it will continue to be into the spring.  Button down skirts have made their way into every major store but I opted for this one because 1. it comes with a matching belt and 2. it's black suede, enough said. I shop at Zara more than anywhere else, and it's interesting because the blogging community in the US doesn't talk about Zara much, despite the fact that they have some of the most on-trend clothing at the best prices.  I assume this is because the platforms that bloggers use to earn commission by redirecting traffic from their blogs to retailers do not partner with Zara and therefore there is no money there for them.  I absolutely love shopping at Zara and will continue to post about items from there, but it's very interesting to think about how monetary factors can influence bloggers and thus change the way that people shop. 

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