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09 February 2016

Western Vibes

Photos by Nathalie Bize

The button down skirt has been an iconic fashion statement for 2015 and is continuing to be so into 2016.  In fashion they say that every trend makes a comeback, and that theory could not be more applicable to the recent revival of 1970's fashion trends.  I've talked about bell bottoms making a comeback, but we're seeing this trend in more than just denim, in bell sleeved blouses, deep brown neutral hues, geometric patterns, culottes, jumpsuits and lots and lots of suede.  Suede, in my opinion, is the most dominant 70's trend that has resurfaced. From handbags, to overcoats, skirts, and shoes suede can be found in almost every high fashion line of the last year and a half, and I have to admit that I have completely fallen for it.

My entire outfit here is from Zara and it epitomizes the resurgence of the modern 70's look. The deep brick color of this mini structured handbag accented with fringe and braided details, the brown suede knee high boots, and the button down skirt all stem straight from the groovy decade. 
I'm so excited to be able to wear these boots with skirts and rompers in the spring and summer! I typically opt for black over brown but the combo of the knee high silhouette and the brown suede fabric is such a classy style. Unfortunately Zara no longer has these boots in stock but I have included some similar styles below.  

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Love, Jackie 


  1. This is cute! I'm loving that purse :)

  2. I think you look very comfortable, classy, and relaxed. Where we live and our lifestyle is very casual, so athleisure wear is most appropriate. But, I cannot wear Nike’s because they have zero support for my high arches and paper thin feet.UpdateLand