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17 March 2016

The Off-The-Shoulder Trend

Photos by Nathalie Bize

It is finally starting to feel like spring is here in SF! The months in between seasons are some of my favorite times to get creative with my wardrobe and pair things that I wouldn't normally wear together. I have been loving all of the fun updates that we've been seeing from the classic sweater recently.  Stripes, short sleeves, bell sleeves, shag cardigans and off-the-shoulder styles have created a more versatile and trend forward place for the sweater in fashion.  Not only that, because there are so many short sleeve tank top and knit dress styles coming out, sweaters are starting to become a year-round staple. 

This off-the-shoulder sweater from Some Days Lovin' is a great transition piece going into summer.  I paired it with darker details for more of a fall/winter look but I can also picture myself throwing this on over jean shorts on a summer night.

I think being able to visualize how a piece of clothing is going to fit into your wardrobe is so important.  So often I buy things and later realize that I don't have anything in my closet to wear it with.  I have been focusing on minimizing the amount of clothing that I buy by taking a different approach to shopping.  Instead of asking myself "do I need this" I've started asking "is this piece classic or trendy?".  If the answer is classic then I start into deciding if I need to add more of that staple to my wardrobe.  If the answer is trendy, I ask myself how long I think this trend will be around; if it's a trend that I think is going to transcend multiple seasons then I will usually purchase it, if not I try to avoid.  I say this because the off-the-shoulder style is a trend that I have totally boughten into because I think these blouses will be prominent in SS16, FW16-17 and even into Resort17.  You'll start to see lots of off-the-shoulder looks here for spring and summer and I hope you're as obsessed with them as I am!

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