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27 April 2016

The Zara Effect

Photos By Nathalie Bize

If I'm being honest, more than half of my wardrobe is from the Spanish fashion house Zara.  I first learned of this store when I was studying abroad in Europe in college and I immediately became infatuated and after doing some research into the company further I became even more so.  Check out this article by Refinery29 here discussing some of the secrets to Zara's success.  

The business aspect of Zara is what sparks my interest most, I once read that they are able to get a design from the drawing tables to the store floor in under two weeks, which would explain why they are spot-on when it comes to high-end budget fashion.  

Both my skirt and top here are from Zara, something that often happens to me.  I bought this button-up black suede skirt last fall and it has become such a staple for me.  That is what I value most about Zara, you can buy trendy pieces without having to commit to spending a lot of money on something that will probably go out of style in a year.  This off-the-shoulder crop top, here, is a great example of that. This is a perfect top for spring and summer and I will wear it all of the time for the next few months and then it will fall off my radar.  If you're ever having one of those days where you feel like you need a whole new wardrobe head over to Zara and I promise you will leave feeling satisfied.

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