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28 June 2016

Black Lace Midi Dress

Photos By Nathaniel Gerdes

1. For Love and Lemons Lace Dress via Top Shelf Style (here and here)
2.  Choker Necklace (similar here)
3. Ray Ban Sunglasses (here)

No one does intricate lace details better than for love and lemons. While I was in Napa over Memorial Day weekend with my family I wanted to do a shoot at our hotel, Hotel Healdsburg, because it was such a beautiful setting. This long lace dress was the perfect compliment to the garden landscape.

Despite how much I admire the FLL pieces, it can be difficult for me to visualize a situation that I would actually wear them outside of a festival because they have such a specific style. However, since dressing down dresses and skirts with sneakers has become a key fashion trend, it is easier for me to wrap my head around wearing for love and lemons in my everyday life.

1. Midi/Maxi Silhouette: I've been saying over and over that midi and maxi dresses are my favorite silhouette for this summer and this trend will likely continue into fall.  

2. Sneakers+Dresses: Don't be afraid to dress down a fancier dress in a more casual setting with sneakers and some cute sunnies. 

3. Lace Details: Lace details are everywhere this summer and are the perfect way to add lady-like flare to a summer basic. Midi lace dresses are also a very classy choice for summer weddings. 

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