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08 June 2016

Flynn Skye Set

Photos By Nathaniel Gerdes

Small boutique brands have been given the opportunity to expand internationally thanks to social media and new technological resources. Specifically, beachy California style brands have found a unique niche in the online market and as such have grown astronomically. Flynn Skye is one of the most well known LA fashion houses. Their pieces, which are reminiscent of sophisticated Coachella style, have transformed over the years from basic sundresses to more fashion forward styles like this polka dot culotte set.

What: 1. Flynn Sky Set via (here)
2. Quay Sunglasses (here)

Why:  Cropped culottes are a modern take on a 1970's style. I love this outfit because the pants are so loose that they are almost indistinguishable from a skirt. Sunset tones, golden hues, burnt oranges, and deep pinks and purples, have been a trending palette this summer and this burnt orange hue with the white polka dots layered on top creates a playful twist on this trend, making it perfect for daytime wear.

Takeaway: I've mentioned this in a previous post, but this summer is all about long lengths and tasteful mid-drift. Whether it's in the form of a long maxi skirt set, a tie-front dress or a pantsuit set; mini is out and maxi is in. Culotte pants are a comfortable, sexy way to add a bit of high fashion to your summer wardrobe. Top Shelf Style in downtown San Francisco carries this set in many different colors and Aritzia and American Apparel also have affordable culotte options that are great for summer.

Shop this look and more of my favorite culottes and set styles at the end of this post!

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