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24 March 2017

Looks of the Week | 3.24

Wearing: Alexander Wang NY Silk Blouse | Gucci Belt
I'm still so obsessed with silk right now, but I haven't been seeing a ton of white yet.  I definitely feel like lighter colored silk pieces, like light pinks, blushes, creams and whites, are going to start showing up a lot more as we get closer to summer. This top is to dieeeee for, I love anything Alexander Wang, and the Gucci belt makes it even better. 

Wearing: Faithfull The Brand Dress
Faithful is so cute and beachy! I'm going to Florida next week and then Tulum at the end of April so I've been on the hunt for easy sun dresses and I really love this one. Also, can we talk about the fact that Nordstrom carries Faithfull now? Idk when that happened but I'm very down.

Wearing: NEW Same Swim 
Omgggg I'm so f*cking obsessed with her it's stupid. I've been eyeing her Same Swim line for about a year and haven't pulled the trigger because they will set you back about $400 which is a little to much for a swimsuit for like $200 is where I draw the line. But I've heard the quality is absolutely amazing and that they're so flattering! Plus her new line is life changing check it out here... And that body chain, I'm sorry? Ahh she's so bomb I cannot deal. 

Wearing: Crap Eyewear Tuff Safari Sunglasses
Serious question- how does she pull off a giant gold chain and braids? Is that even a thing? I guess so.  I loove her sunglasses though, they're probably some obscure and ridiculously expensive brand, but they look exactly like the Crap Eyewear Tuff Safari sunglasses which are only $88. These sunglasses are at the top of my list right now. And as I was writing this I just decided that braids are definitely still a thing and thats she is bae. 

Wearing: Indah Swimsuit
 I mean...anything and everything that Bella does is just perfection and this photo really solidifies that fact. Would this swimsuit really work on anyone else besides Bella? I don't think so, but we can all try, I suppose.


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